Welcome to Salon Meraki

Welcome to Salon Meraki!

I’ve been told I have a restless soul; always needing a new adventure. Salon Meraki, in so many ways, is not just my business, but it is the essence of me.

Your human experience should never be tame. You are never the same. I don’t think you should ever want to be. Change is not always comfortable, but comfortability is never worth mediocrity. I decided to start this business to bring beauty to an ever-changing world.

Salon Meraki is, of course, so much more to me than just a haircut. Meraki means to do something with love and creativity. It means to leave a piece of yourself in your work.

This carries over into every aspect of my life. My need for security and my constant urge to run is what keeps me inspired. I decided to start this business as a means to create security all the while having all the freedom to create and change in the world of beauty. A means to keep running in the direction of change on my own terms. Anyone can work for someone else, but to create your own world of beauty and share it with others? Now that, sounds like an adventure to me.